Clinical Decision Support

  • Content Management System for Telemedicine applications
  • Create cases, forms and lectures
  • Upload, edit, print images and files from the computer or mobile phone (mobile health)
  • Contact physicians and students through chat, audio, video

Individual community

  • Physicians who want to discuss a difficult case in an easy manner with another colleague
  • People who want to create a telemedicine project
  • Members of a tumor conference who wish to add a telemedicine platform
  • Academic lecturers who want to make the lectures available to their students as well to themselves wherever they are

Shared community

  • Experienced physicians who would like to share their knowledge with less experienced physicians could join an already existing community or group
  • Students who would like to deepen their knowlede or to study from scratch can join a distance learning course

The Campus Medicus ® Clinical Decision Support module provides healthcare professionals with the possibility of diagnosis from colleagues over the internet.

Campus Medicus ® connects physicians from all over the world.

  • Second opinion
    Consultation with an additional physician for a diagnosis
  • Live microscopy
    Consultation between surgeons and pathologist in hospitals at different locations
  • Live video conference
    Tumor conference with physicians in hospitals at different locations
  • Expert consultation

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